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New Install Guide
by Zachary Stewart on Sunday May 18th 2008, 11:48
I've updated my install guide, as requested.

This is how I managed to install Microsoft Office 2007 under Ubuntu 8.04 with wine 1 rc.

1. Use a native rpcrt4.dll from your copy of Windows. Copy it to your sytem32 folder and add its override via the winecfg. Do not use the CrossOver Office rpcrt4.dll. I was terribly mistaken when I suggested that. I apologize for the confusion I caused.

2. Now, we need to install all of the dependencies that Office has. Download winetricks, a handy script that allows you to easily install commonly used components, with the following command:

$ wget www.kegel.com/wine/winetricks

Now let's install what we need:

$ sh winetricks msxml3 dotnet20 gdiplus riched20 riched30 vcrun2005sp1

Let this commands complete before doing anything else. You will likely have to click through several installers to finish it. Not all of them are titled things like "GDI+." Some of them are simply applications that contain the DLLs needed, such as the PowerPoint viewer.

3. With all the necessary components installed, run winecfg and change your Windows version to Vista.

4. Navigate to your Office CD and execute setup.exe. Some people report the installer being "stuck" on 75%, but still actually installing. Take care that the application is truly frozen before killing it.

5. Once Office is done installing, open winecfg and change your Windows version to XP. I (and others) have had issues running it with Vista.

6. To fix issues with fonts, bullets, and numbering, click the office button, go into Word options, then into language settings. Here, delete all languages except for your own. This has been tested with US English, which works. It is possible that other language packs, even with all the others uninstalled, may cause the issue. If so, I would suggest you post which packs do not work to help the developers.

7. When you insert a picture from file, click on the "Recent" button to stop the rapid switching.

The following applications (as of Wine rc 1) do NOT work:

Equation Editor

The following ones mostly work:

Publisher (most color schemes do not work, only those named after a basic color, such as blue or red. Fancier names do not work)
Excel (There are issues with charts, however)

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